Obtaining real insight is much more than asking few questions, it involves deploying a range of specialist tools and techniques to uncover the truth. As market and brand research experts, we will guide you on which methods will best suit your audience and get you the answers you need for your business, and after that we'll give you the competitive edge by helping you to understand how your strategies, products and services can be developed and improved.


Quantitative research - When people think of marketing research they often imagine large opinion polls asking them to tick boxes and give scores out of 10. This kind of research aims to 'map the population', often taking the form of an online questionnaire or telephone survey. The quantitative research, typically leads to high-level statistics showing how many people said this or that.

Qualitative research - Qualitative research is more about 'mapping the mind'. It involves speaking to smaller numbers of people in much more depth, often on a one-to-one or focus group basis. It's aimed at understanding not how many people have a certain opinion, but why. It taps into deeper thoughts and feelings rather than top of mind rational answers. Typical output takes the form of key insights, illustrative comments, and strategic recommendations. It is hugely valuable as a way of really understanding customer needs, buying decisions, barriers to purchase, feelings about a brand and a host of other complex issues.

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