Our philosophy

Philosophy – use wisely the creative capacity

We belive that everyone has a creative , emotionally motivating and productive capasity. And in our field its fundamentally important for people to be inspired for what they do. So we always give our best to bring together people who are good at what they do, are truly happy to do it, and even more they turn their work into a personal cause.

The limitaions of the truly inspired mind are yet to be discovered.


Why us ?

Imagine a team, brought together not only by their specific experience and skills, but also for their personal interest of your brand. This team may consist of people who can answer your current neccesities but also really relate to what you do and how you do it. So our line of work goes simply like this :

We create a team of experts to cover you specific requirements and that personally relate to your brand so that everybody can make the best out of the situation.

  • Kristin Karagyozova – Founder – Vicarious sailor, Chef master, Realist, Control freak

    - Head of Strategy
    - Consultant, business development
    - Experience in research and analysis
    - Experience in branding, strategic marketing and communication
    - Bringing persistency for perfection to the smallest details
    - Bachelor in Economics at New Bulgarian University
    - Master in Brand management and communication at Istituto Europeo di Design Milan, Italy

  • Petya Karagyozova – Founder - An artist at heart, Adventurous traveler, Optimist, Terribly sincere

    - Head of Creative
    - Unconventional Advertising & Marketing
    - Experience as a brand ambassador, in project management and visual communication
    - Bringing brave ideas for the communication and strategy
    - Bachelor in Advertising at New Bulgarian University
    - Studied fine arts at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy

  • Elena Gyuzeleva - Sociological observer, A fearless snowboarder, Always positive, Attention sucker

    - Head of organization
    - Communication and team organization
    - Experienced as a brand ambassador and BTL assistant in consumer research, events implementation, consumers interaction and concept development
    - Brings constant positivity and contagious motivation
    - Bachelor in Economics at UNWE University Sofia

STRATEGY & storytelling

How we do it?